ЗАО «Химсервис» работает на рынке поставок химической продукции с 1997 года

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  • Лабораторные приборы: типы и особенности. Часть II

    В нашем предыдущем материале речь шла о некоторых типах лабораторных приборов, которые используются в процессе опытов, а также для хранения, измерения и обработки химических реактивов. Однако это далеко не все разновидности оборудования — есть и другие.

  • Лабораторные приборы: типы и особенности. Часть I

    Лабораторные приборы выделены в отдельный класс специфического оборудования — об этом известно всем, кто хотя бы месяц проработал в химической лаборатории, оснащённой должным образом. Они используются для точного исследования материалов различной консистенции: твёрдых, сыпучих, жидких и газообразных.

  • Правила безопасной работы с кислотами и щелочами

    В предыдущем материале мы писали об основных правилах хранения химических реактивов и техники безопасности на территории лаборатории. Однако этого недостаточно, если вы намерены обезопасить себя по максимуму: стоит знать, как работать с двумя сильнейшими группами веществ — кислотами и щелочами.

Welcome To ZAO "ChemService"

ZAO "ChemService" (Closed Joint-Stock Company "ChemService") has begun his activity in 1997 in the market of supplying of chemical production and to equip the laboratories by chemical reactants, analytical devices, labware and glassware. For this time, due owing team of qualified managers and heads of all levels, our enterprise has turned to the large regional chemical company possessing wide assortment of production of Russian and foreign manufacture, with own warehouse and motor transportation facilities, a production and packing line. All this allows carry out deliveries to the enterprises of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries in the shortest terms with an individual approach to each order by way of packing, without loss of quality of production.

The company considers as the main priority of the activity full satisfaction of requirements and expectations of consumers by constant improvement of rendered services, quality of delivered production.

The purposes of the enterprise are:

  • Creation and preservation of steady trust of our consumers.
  • The shortest terms of delivery to consumer with a full guarantee safety of quality.
  • High quality – at competitive price.

For 10 years of work as our partners were about 800 enterprises of various industries: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, power, radio-engineering, chemical, machine-building, oil- and gas-extracting and exploring, and also a military-industrial complex.

Owing to the flexible price politics and preferring long-term cooperation, we are suppliers of such large organizations as:

  • JSC "Magnitogorsk metallurgical works"
  • JSC "Asha metallurgical plant" ("Amet")
  • JSC "Zlatoust metallurgical works"
  • JCS "Izh-Steel"
  • JSC "Rostov atomic power station"
  • JSC "Balakovo atomic power station"
  • JSC "Volgodonsk atomic power station"
  • JSC "Kolsk atomic power station"
  • JSC "BashkirEnergo"
  • JSC "PermEnergo"
  • JSC "UdmurtEnergo"
  • JSC "Sibneft-NoyabrskNeftgas"
  • JSC "Sibneft-MegionNeftgas"
  • "TomskNeft-service" LLC
  • "Nizhnevartovsk oil- and gas- extraction enterprise" etc.

ZAO "ChemService" has passed certification of conformity to requirements of ISO 9001-2000, with reference to wholesale trade in chemical reactants, laboratory equipment and glassware.

The goods are shipped by way convenient for customer - motor transport, railway, luggage, express-mail.

We grant a delay in payment for 1 month for resident companies.

Reliability, stability, high level of service and individual approach to each enterprise - the main advantages of our company.

Our company is always ready to the cooperation based on trust and mutual understanding. We are glad to work with our constant clients and we invite to cooperation of new business partners.